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Website Design Walkden – Salford -Manchester – Greater Manchester 

Websites To Get Your Ideas Working Quickly

Do you want to give your new website and your online marketing maximum impact?  


Using proven current strategies you may be missing
Strategies to get your business moving, growing & expanding
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Give Your Website A Powerful Giveaway Event

  • Launch your new website (or add to your existing website) with a perceived high value and profitable Giveaway Event!
  • Normally reserved for large businesses and blue chip companies – your business can now benefit from this proven marketing method. 
  • Discover why and how a Giveaway Event will make you a profit.  Many business owners automatically think a Giveaway Event will make a loss. The exact opposite is true if done properly. 
  • Claim unique digital real estate with your Giveaway Event and get your event ranked at the top of Google 
  • News – Your Giveaway Event will attract attention from new prospects, leads and customers 
  • Gain visibility and exposure when your Giveaway Event is live on 300+ international news and media channels 
  • A Giveaway Event will generate buzz around your business
  • Even brand new businesses can quickly establish themselves as major players using the attractive power of a Giveaway Event
  • Your competition will have no idea how you are holding a successful & profitable Giveaway Event 
  • Employing a Giveaway Event that has prizes and awards customers value will have people talking about your business for all the right reasons
  • A Giveaway Event will establish trust and authority for your brand locally or nationally 
  • Giveaway Event checklist is available here 
  • Next book a no obligation chat to discuss the suitability of your business for running a successful Giveaway Event
Web Design Walkden Manchester

Stephen Wilk



Web Design Walkden Manchester

  • Do you want a new website to get your ideas working for you?
  • Is your current website working the way you would like?
  • Feeling that your current website needs upgrading?
  • Would you enjoy benefiting by boosting your business and supplementing your current website with an additional multi-area website to increase your reach into new areas and neighbourhoods?
  • Do you want to sell physical products with an E commerce shop or store?
  • Have you considered building a sales funnel to sell a specific product or service?
  • Do you want to capture prospect and customer details to re-market them?
  • Are you considering creating a special membership area?

These are just a few of the areas we can cover.

Not every business will need all these features but it is good to know they can be designed and built if you do require them. We can do that here at web design Walkden Manchester.

It is a fact that there are a lot of people out there offering web design services and advice. 

  • Who do you trust?
  • Which is right for you?

We do not focus too much  upon what others are offering but in order to guide you, it makes sense to ask your self, ‘is what you are being offered sensible’?

Who Are Your Customers And Clients?

Our starting point is always the ‘Who’?

‘Who’ is it that you want to attract as prospects and customers? Once we know that, we can begin mapping out your project.

We start by creating a customer avatar or customer buyer persona 

This will get the website design process off on the correct pathway



Customer Avatar

A ‘customer avatar’ or ‘buyer persona’ is the place to start and is an essential ingredient when building a new website. If you know who your customers are and where to find them, it puts your website on the right pathway as the design process begins. Right now you can claim your Free Customer Avatar report worth £199. Exclusive to Wheels4WebSites.

Find out more here


It is important that your website matches your current branding or that new branding is created to enhance your USP (unique selling proposition). We will advise upon the key elements of branding that you are recommended to cover when considering your new website project

Website Design & Build

We will build your new website in accordance with our bespoke website building process. This will ensure you end up with a fully fuctional and pleasing website. Business, trades, services or Ecomm websites. This will be a project that you will feel proud to have created. Complete satisfaction with the final results is all that matters as we move through the website building process


Once your website has been created SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are the ongoing tasks that will get your website ranked in the search engines and begin the process of attracting prospects and customers to your website

Sales Funnel

Is a sales funnel a feature you require? This can be built from the ground up to include landing pages, sequences, giveaways and all the way through to final offer and any offer variations. Webinars and membership areas can be created if required as part of the sequence.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to boost your online presence and this can be done by a variety of methods. This can include Facebook, Google pay per click and a number of other social networks. The customer avatar report will have given a good idea about where the places are that your prospects and customers are already frequenting online.

Grow Your Business Without SEO

Not every business owner likes SEO. How would you like to begin an exclusive and special campaign for your business that will gain great local exposure and increase your business ranking in Google? It does not involve traditional SEO. Find out if your business will qualify for this type of campaign. We do not work with certain types of business on these campaigns. If your business is a good fit, you can look forward to some great benefits. It will boost your business profile and attract specific new clients and customers. 

Find out more

Your website can, if required, have more than one landing page. This is a great way for you to attract more business for your brand, or to connect with your community.

Web Design Walkden Manchester

Get a website that will enhance, market, and grow your business now!

I have had my website in the showers and bathroom business for a number of years and it continues to generate a steady flow of enquiries and new customers. When it becomes time to update I will be using Wheels4WebSites again. Great personal service and they took the time to find out about my business and who my ideal customers would be.

 –Stephen Green

Web Design Walkden Manchester - Stephen Green - Customer Wheels4WebSites

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