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Website Building Process

Our website building process follows a quality approved procedure to ensure all your requirements are met.


SSL Security

We begin by ensuring your new website will comply with the latest SSL security requirements. Lot’s of older websites are having problems with the new SSL security requirements. If you are not sure what SSL is or why you need it – take a look at our other website which explains the problem is more detail –

Website building process Wheels4websites

Website Building Process

After discovering ‘who’ your ideal customers are and ‘where’ they are likey to be targeted online, we can explore the type of images and graphics you want your website to have. 

The aim is to match your brand and the message you wish to convey

Website objectives will be considered, so the design fulfills the objectives

Creating or linking to existing social media accounts, where it is felt advantageous, will also be part of the process

Once the brief has been fully outlined, the website will be created and tested to ensure every aspect works as expected

We do recommend that your website is continued to be tweeked and updated on a regluar basis. As feedback is obtained showing how the website performs after prospects, leads and customers actually use your new website, it makes sense to tweek and update it for maximum advantage.